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CDP360  provides an effective 30 days IIT-JEE preparation plan to cover all the topics and improve problem-solving skills to ace the exam.

IIT JEE Study Plan and Preparation Strategy

Every year lakhs of JEE aspirants appear for the JEE exam. The last month of preparation is really Very important. You need to be very attentive towards your timetable; one of the major things to remember is that you must improvise your dedication level to reach your dream. Many students need help to draft a timetable that can help them cover the entire syllabus.

Those who want to pursue careers in engineering and technical studies should take the exam. Apart from that, the JEE exam is a doorway to some of India’s top most engineering universities (both public and private). Those who clear the JEE Main exam will be able to apply for admission to some of the best colleges in the country, as the exam’s results are accepted by these schools, and also be able to take the JEE Advanced exam, which is the second round of the exam. Those who pass JEE Advanced will be able to go into an IIT. The best IIT JEE coaching recommends aspirants pay attention to the revision phase even if they have thoroughly covered the entire JEE Main syllabus.

The JEE Main question paper consists of three sections with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each section has 25 questions, for a total of 75 questions totaling 300 marks. Each and every question is MCQ based. For every right answer, four marks will be given; for every incorrect answer, one mark will be negative marking. There won’t be negative marking for questions involving numerical values; candidates will receive four marks for each right answer.

This 30 Days Planner will help you systematically organize your daily study and revision schedule before the exam. This planner goes in tandem with 30 days IIT- JEE Main Crash Course, you are advised to refer to the book series to get maximum benefits.

What's new in JEE Main 2024

Number of sessions: NTA JEE Main 2024 will be held in 2 sessions - January and April. Paper 2A and Paper 2B (B.Arch and B. Planning) will also be held twice a year (January and April 2024).


No of Attempts: The No. of attempts in JEE Mains 2024 is 2 times per year.


Regional 13 languages: The IIT JEE Main exam will be conducted in 13 regional languages including English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.


New Exam pattern: In JEE Mains exam, there will be negative markings for both Section A (MCQ) and Section B (Numerical value).


Best of NTA JEE 2024 scores: To compute the All India Rank in the JEE Main exam, the best of the two NTA JEE Main 2024 scores will be taken.


Parent's Income Details - Family Annual Income (inclusive of Father’s/ Guardian’s Gross annual income, Mother’s/ Guardian’s gross annual income, and annual income of Father’s/ Mother’s/ Guardian’s from other sources, if any) is a mandatory field.
has anyone cracked JEE in 1 month,


CDP360’s 5 Important Tips to Excel in JEE Main 2024

  1. Stick to the Time Table
  2. Study as per Weightage
  3. Practice more questions
  4. Use Tricks to increase calculation speed and manage your time
  5. Take JEE Main Online Test series

Preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) in the last 30 days requires a strategic and focused study plan. Here’s a suggested study plan for the final month:

Best IIT JEE Coaching - 30 Days Preparation Plan

Week 1: Study Important & Less Important Topics in Mixed Format


Day Physics Chemistry Maths
Day 1 Work, Energy, and Power Electrostatics Gravitation Logarithms Quadratic Equations Application & Derivation Carbonyl Compounds, Alkyl Halides & Aryl Halides Mole Concept
Day 2 Current Electricity Heat Transfer Limit & Continuity Circles & Family of Circles Sets, Relations & Functions Alcohol, Phenol & Ether Carboxylic Acid & their Derivatives
Day 3 Wave Motion & String Waves Sound Waves Straight Lines & Pair of Straight Lines Chemical Bonding, Periodic Table, Redox Reaction
Day 4 Wave Optics, Ray Optics, Kinetics Inverse Trigonometry, Binomial Theorem p-Block, d & f Block, s-Block
Day 5 Thermal Expansion, Thermo Electricity 3D Geometry, Locus Atomic Structure, Electrochemistry
Day 6 Newton’s Law of Motion Friction Probability & Statistics Gaseous State, Solid State
Day 7 Choose this day to solve mock test and sample question papers Choose this day to solve mock test and sample question papers Choose this day to solve mock test and sample question papers



Week 2: Start Revision of Previously Studied Chapters

Day Physics Chemistry Maths
Day 8 Simple Harmonic Motion, Circular Motion Integration Differentiation General Organic Chemistry, Biomolecules
Day 9 Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision, Rotational Dynamics Vector Algebra Chemical Equilibrium, Surface Chemistry
Day 10 Nuclear Physics Modern Physics Sequence and Series Co-ordination Chemistry Solutions
Day 11 Fluid Mechanics Properties of Matter, Elasticity Complex Number, Theory of Equation Hydrocarbons Hydrogen & its Compound
Day 12 Vectors Communication Systems 3D Trigonometric Ratios Chemical Kinetics
Day 13 Heat & Thermodynamics Calorimetry Matrices & Determinants Thermodynamics Polymers
Day 14 Choose this day to solve mock test and sample question papers Choose this day to solve mock test and sample question papers Choose this day to solve mock test and sample question papers


Week 3: Give More Emphasis on Revision

Day Physics Chemistry Maths
Day 15 Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction Parabola Ionic Equilibrium Amines
Day 16 Circular Motion Solution of Triangles IUPAC Nomenclature
Day 17 Alternating Current Fundamentals of Mathematics Chemistry in Everyday Life/td>
Day 18 Semiconductors & Electronic Devices Permutation & Combination Metallurgy Environmental Chemistry
Day 19 Calorimetry Ellipse Qualitative Salt Analysis
Day 20 Units & Dimension Hyperbola Isomerism of Organic Compounds Polymers


Week 4 – Day Wise Subject Revision

Day Topic for Revision
Day 22 Physics
  • Magnetism
  • Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Modern Physics
  • Wave Motion & String Waves
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
Day 23 Maths
  • Probability & Statistics
  • 3D Geometry
  • Vector Algebra
  • Integration
  • Complex Number
  • Matrices & Determinants
  • Theory of Equations
Day 24 Chemistry
  • General Organic Chemistry
  • Co-ordination Chemistry
  • p-Block
  • Aldehyde & Ketone
  • Atomic Structure
  • Alcohols, Phenols & Ether
Day 25 Physics
  • Current Electricity
  • Electrostatics
  • Ray Optics & Wave Optics
  • Work, Energy & Power
  • Rotational Dynamics
  • Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision
Day 26 Maths
  • Circles
  • Sequence & Series
  • Applications of Derivative
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Sets, Relations & Functions
Day 27 Chemistry
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Periodic Table
  • s-Block
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gaseous State
  • d & f Block
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Chemical Equilibrium
Day 28 Solve subject wise assessments and JEE Main mock test on this day of the month. Make sure all the important topics studied in this week are covered. Since the JEE Main exam is near, spend the entire day fixing the incorrect responses and trying to understand those concepts which you find hard to grasp.


Week 4 – Day Wise Subject Revision

Day Things to Do
Day 29
  • Gather all the notes that you made while preparing for the exam and go through them.
  • Separate your strong and weak points in the syllabus
  • Go back to the concepts and topics you are still unsure of. Try to understand and learn the basic concepts.
Day 30
  • Make flash cards and revise and learn through them.
  • Revise all of the formulas learned till date.
  • Assign each concept or formula with a keyword with which you can easily relate and remember.
Day 31
  • Look at all the topics you are most confident in and revise it.
  • Knowing your best-known topics in more detail will give you more scope to score more in the exam.
  • DO NOT STUDY ANY NEW TOPICS. Just keep revising all that you have studied and do not bring up any new topics. Strengthen those concepts which you know very well.


For more in-depth preparation tips for your JEE Main preparation check out-How to Prepare for JEE Main

Hope by strictly following this planner, you will be able to revise the entire syllabus of JEE Main without any hassle and be proficient enough to give JEE main 2023 exam with full confidence. Make the best of what you have.


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